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  • Variador Parker AC690+ SERIES 690-432140B0-BF0P00-A400
    The AC690+ series is a single range of AC drives designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed applications from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems. The heart of the AC690+ is a highly advanced 32-bit microprocessor based motor control model. This provides an exceptional dynamic performance platform to which can be added a host of communications and control options, enabling you to tailor the drives to meet your exact requirements. The AC690+ is available in 380-500V 3-phase 0.75 to 1000kW and 220V-240V 0.75 to 55kW.

    The AC690+ can be user configured for 3 different modes of operation :
    • Open-loop (volts/frequency) control
    This mode is ideal for basic motor speed control, or multiple motors driven in parallel. The quick set-up menu and plain language display ensures the quickest and easiest, trouble free start up.
    • Sensorless vector control
    High starting torque and tight speed regulation is provided by a sophisticated MRAS (Model Reference Adaptive System) motor control strategy. MRAS provides accurate speed simulation (without the need for any speed measuring transducer) by continually modelling the motor.
    • Closed-loop vector control
    Full closed-loop flux vector performance can be achieved with the AC690+ by simply adding an encoder feedback 'technology box'. This provides 100% continuous full load standstill torque plus a highly dynamic speed loop (up to 45 Hz bandwidth) ; more than sufficient for the most demanding of applications.

    • Pre-programmed application macros
    • Open standard fieldbus communications 
    • Programming identical to DC590+ DC drives
    • Mechanical protection options to suit all environments : IP 20 - IP40/NEMA 1 - IP54 - Through panel mounting
    • Class B EMC filters
    • Energy Saving (fast return on investment in pump and fan applications)
    • Supplied in an enclosure for power ratings above 355kW
    • Improved HVAC control 

    The AC690+ series meets the following standards when installed in accordance with the relevant product manual:
    • CE Marked to EN50178 (Safety, Low Voltage Directive)
    • CE Marked to EN61800-3 (EMC Directive)
    • UL listed to US Standard UL508C
    • cUL listed to Canadian Standard C22.2 #14

    Technical Specifications:
    Power Supply:
    Single Phase Units
     - 220-240VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz +/- 5% (0.37 to 2.2kW)
    Three Phase Units
     - 220-240VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz +/- 5% (0.37 to 37 kW)
     - 380-460VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz +/- 5% (0.75 to 1000kW)
     - 380-500VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz +/- 5% (2.2 to 110kW)

     0-45°C (Constant torque / 40°C with IP40 cover / derate to 50°C)
     Up to 1000m ASL (derate 1% per 100m above 1000m)

     IP 20 - IP40/NEMA 1 - IP54

     Constant torque rating : 150% for 60 seconds, 180% for 1 second
     Variable torque rating (pumps and fans) : 115% for 10 seconds

    Output Frequency:

    Switching Frequency:
     Frame B = 3, 6 or 9kHz / Frame C, D, E and F = 3 or 6kHz - All with audibly silent switching frequency.

    Dynamic Braking: 
     Each drive can be fitted with an internal dynamic brake switch
     (Frame B and C : standard / Frame D, E and F : optional)

    Analogue Inputs:
     4 Configurable, 10bits (13 bits with optional system card) / 0-10V, 0-±10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA

    Analogue Outputs:
     3 Configurable, 10 bits / 0-10V, 0-±10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA

    Digital Inputs: 
     7 Configurable, nominal 24Vdc (30V dc max)

    Digital Outputs:
     3 Configurable, relay contacts 3A/230 Vac

    Reference Supplies:
     +10Vdc, -10Vdc, +24Vdc

    Motor Thermistor Input

    Systems Expansion Module:
     The optional systems expansion module allows for advanced applications such as phase locking
     between drives and register control. Key features include :
     • 5 additional user configurable Inputs / Outputs
     • 4 high resolution analogue inputs (12 bits plus sign)
     • 2 additional encoder inputs
     • 2 high speed register mark inputs

Variador Parker AC690+ SERIES 690-432140B0-BF0P00-A400

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  • Ref: 690-432140B0-BF0P00-A400
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